Romney Wants To Privatize VET Health Care!

Mitt Romney never served in our military forces, he never risked his life for his country and now he comes along and seeks to deprive those who served with a privatized version of health care. Mitt came out for privatizing health care for veterans! “When you work in the private sector and you have a competitor, you know if I don’t treat the customer right, they’re going to leave me and go somewhere else so I’d better treat them right. Whereas, if you’re the government, they know there’s no where else you guys go.”

Does this wealthy spoiled brat have any evidence the Veterans Administration is providing inadequate health care? Does this wealthy SOB understand that veterans welcome going to the inexpensive VA facilities? Which private health care group can match Tricare in cost? Name one, you little coward!

How dare this man insult the VA and seek to deny veterans of excellent health care!