Romney Wins In New Hampshire?

An election was held in the state of New Hampshire. Mitt, Newt, Rick, Rick, Jon, and Ron submitted their names to Republicans in order to decide which one of the clowns should be allowed to perform come this November.  Mitt spent a few million and came away with about 37% of the vote with Ron trailing behind with about about 24%. Rick S. got 10% while Rick P. got about 1%. There is suspicion voters regarded his name as a substitute for “none of the above.”

Jon Huntsman got 17% which thrilled him so much that it was clear victory will be his reward for submitting to participate in “debates.” Everyone is on to South Carolina. New Hampshire voters came away from this experience knowing the Republican Party:

1. Inherited a National Debt in 2001 of $5 Trillion and left office in 2008 with a National Debt of $12 Trillion is committed to end the national debt.

2. Will provide jobs for everyone. Of course, when they assumed control of the government our unemployment rate was about 6% and when they left it was over 10%, but elect them once again to ensure low unemployment rates.

3. Inherited a budget which has a surplus of about $400 billion and left office turning over to Barack Obama a budget which had a deficit of about $1.2 Trillion so elect them to office in order to get a balanced budget.

I trust things are clear to one and all as to why Americans should elect Republicans in order to balance budgets, end national debts and get people back to work.