Romney Worst Candidate!

The days of spring pass by and there is fewer and fewer primaries which would allow Rick Santorum to not only catch up to his opponent, Mitt Romney, but to surpass him in delegate votes. A new frenzy has crept into his voice and heart. Rick regards himself as the epitome of all that is right in America. The  grandson of immigrants, a man who has gained election to the US Senate and a man chosen by God to carry the words of Jesus Christ in this fair land.

Mitt Romney represents everything that Rick detests. A man born to wealth, a man who can  use wealth to capture the nomination that rightfully belongs to Rick. God fearing people believe in him and since those of faith are on his side, it is clear that God is on his side.

Rick lashed out out Mitt. “Pick any other Republican in the country. He is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama… We have a  candidate who is running against me who is uniquely unqualified.”

I guess Democratic public relations folk will  only have to read Santorum and Gingrich if they want material to use against Mitt Romney.