An hour just went by and for Mitt Romney it was sufficient time to change his opinion on something since polls revealed the position of two hours ago would lose several votes. A few days ago, Newt Gingrich stated his desire to find a process under which illegal immigrants could become citizens of this nation. Naturally, the word VOTERS flashed in the mind of Mitt Romney who then proceeded to slash and burn Gingrich as the friend of criminals and seeking to have filthy, dirty illegal immigrants flood our fair land. 2011 Mitt insists illegal immigrants should be forced from this land, at gunpoint if necessary, and return to “their home country. apply for permanent residency just like everybody else and get back in line.”

2007 Mitt  Romney was on the Tim Russet show and was asked about the following quote from an interview he gave to the Lowell Times: “I don’t believe  in rounding up 11 million people and forcing them at gunpoint from our country. Those who are paying taxes and not taking government handouts should begin the process towards application for citizenship.”

Mitt was unclear as to whether he had actually said what he said. He denied any connection to the Mitt Romney who had spoken with the newspaper. After checking poll numbers, Mitt  announced he had uncovered evidence that a  man was going around the country several years ago purporting to be him and thus it is clear he never said what he said.