Ron Paul And Politics Of Ignorance

I am old enough to remember “Isolationists” in the 1930s who argued whatever Adolf Hitler was doing in Germany was none of our business. I am old enough to remember Isolationists who argued if Japan wanted to conquer China, so what, keep America out of war. I assume if Ron Paul were alive during this time period he would be arguing against halting Nazi Germany or the Japanese conquests of Asian areas. After all, all America has to do is build a nice high wall and hide behind it since no one would ever climb over our wall.

I opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 because it was to the national interest of the USA to have Iraq as a viable nation which checked the growth of Iran. There never were WMD and there was never any connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11. Ron Paul has a point when arguing the US should not readily get involved in the affairs of other nations. Unfortunately, we are part of a global economy, we are linked financially and diplomatically with other nations.

Ron Paul raises legitimate questions about when, if ever, the US should intervene in the affairs of other nations. He ignores the power and prestige of the American nation which, whether he likes it or not, IS an international player and we cannot walk away from our responsibilities. War is always the LAST RESORT,  not the first.

Mr. Paul apparently persuades some Americans he knows something about the American economy. I grant he does have valid ideas for what should constitute a 16th century economy. His mind has definitely reached  the 17th century when it comes to economic issues. Unfortunately, he has never studied American history when he argues “in the past government did not get involved in our lives.”

The Bank of the US began under Washington, the noted Socialist!

Jefferson helped build roads and canals.

Lincoln pushed through the first income tax and spent $200,000,000 to build the Transcontinental  Railroad-private enterprise heroes invested $300,000. Lincoln also had the government give away free land under the Homestead Act. Definitely, a SOCIALIST.

Theodore Roosevelt wanted the Federal government to break up monopolies and regulate big business.

And, so on and so on. It would be great if Ron Paul actually read and understood American history. The man is IGNORANT!