The conservative Political Action Conference met to examine candidates who would be abvle to restore the virtues of our Founding Fathers of limited government. Unfortunately, American conservatives know as much about the Founding Fathers as they do about fiscal responsibility. George Washington, whom they regard as a hero, supported creation of the Federal Bank of the United States which allowed Alexander Hamilton to have the Federal government pay off state debts. Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase and supported construction by the Federal government of the first great highway. Andrew Jackson,s not only threatened Southern states which talked about voiding national laws, but supported sending money to states in order to have highways and canals built. The transcontinental railroad was built due to federal money paid by the Lincoln government. Oh, federal legislation allowed for protective tariffs which raised prices for the average American, but allowed businessmen to make money.

Theodore Roosevelt busted corporations and urged federal regulation of them, he urged the national government to create a model school system in Washington D.C. and, he was among the first to call for a graduated income tax. Wilson pushed through the Federal Reserve System and we could mention other conservatives who wanted protective tariffs.

Ron Paul is the one selected by the conference as their hero. He wants balanced budgets and low taxes and non-intervention in foreign affairs. I guess that means conservatives do not wish to take action against terrorists. Oh, conservatives are the ones complaining about Obama being weak on terrorism.