Ron Paul Ignorant Again Of US History

Among the most important poltiical concepts that have guided the American nation is a fundamental belief in separation of the military from involvement in political activities. The United States is among the few nations on the world which has never experienced a military coup to overthrow civilian leaders. Military regulations make clear to all who serve that they are forbidden to display their uniform at any political event. For some reason, Ron Paul ignored this concept by inviting a soldier, dressed in uniform, to attend his political rally.

Jesse Thorsen is being charged with being in uniform at a Ron Paul rally and  faces discharge from the military. Accorind to Thorsen, “I am also surprised that Ron Paul, an Air Force officer and congressman for many years or his advisors who told me that they too served in the military, would not have explained to me  that wearing my uniform was a violation of regulations.”

The US militatary has repeatedly contacted the Ron Paul headquarters for information to no  avail. “Multiple attempts were made to contact Ron Paul campaign .. no one from the  campaign responded to inquiries.” Not only is Ron Paul ignorant about US economic history, but he apparently doesn’t even know about US military regulations!