Ronald Reagan Had Alzheimer’s Says Son

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan who died in 2004. Reagan is heralded as a great hero by Republican conservatives who desire to restore his ideas in the current world of politics. In a new book, his son, Ronald, claims that his father was already displaying early signs of Alzheimer disease while still president. “There was just something that was off. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.” He noted that his father would forget the names of canyons in California that were familiar to him and that he began using note cards while speaking on the phone. At a White House function, he called Princess Diana, “Princess David.” Anyone keeping track of the Reagan administration could readily cite examples of forgetting names or what he was talking about. Of course, Republicans laughed it all off.

Republicans today wish America to return to the good old days of Ronald Reagan. In one sense, we have. Under his administration the national debt doubled, under the Bush administration the national debt doubled. When Reagan took office 1% of the top wealthy Americans controlled 10% of the wealth, after George Bush left office they controlled 23.4% and will get even more with extension of tax cuts. Of course, as president, Ron raised taxes which, according to the Tea Party, makes him a Socialist!’ Why are Republicans hailing the work of a SOCIALIST when they currently are damning the work of Barack Obama, the noted SOCIALIST??