Ron’s Stealth Campaign

In each of the Republican debates a little man sits at the end with a smirk on his face. Occasionally, he will gaze at a candidate and make a poignant remark. He recently told Rick Santorum, “you are a fake.” As Rick and Mitt and Newt battle one another for  head ranking in polls, Ron is off to the side conducting a stealth campaign to capture delegates to the Republican presidential convention. He attends many state caucus sessions and picks up a delegate here or there.

The Ron Paul strategy is to gather delegates while his opponents are beating one another up. His goal is arriving at the convention without delegate votes to prevent any single candidate to secure the majority. Then Ron will step in and dictate his terms of what will be in the platform.

Stay under the radar with Ron and you may not be the candidate, but you can determine who will be and what he will say.