Rouhani Rumbles On

Somewhere in this promised land, the sun is shining bright,but somewhere in the land of Israel,religious folk lament the dawn of a new day. President Hassan Rouhani chatted on the phone with President Obama and they discussed the road to peace. Obama concluded the talk with “God be with you.” I am certain that those who spend their days claiming to be in contact with the old guy up in the sky are very upset because peace and reconciliation are words being spoken rather than threats of violence.Upon his arrival in Tehran, Rouhani discovered that Friday prayer leaders praised his performance at the United Nations. However,his car was greeted with eggs and stones by hard liners.There are reports the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised his actions.

We now have an opportunity to walk along the road of peace and avoid death of the innocent. It is clear there are people in Iran and people in Israel,who prefer acts of violence. After all, God told them to kill. IF, there is a God, let us hope “it” seeks peace and love–for ALL his people.