Rouhani Seeks Solutions

Actions by newly elected President Hassan Rouhani clearly reveal his goal is to find a solution to the conflict with the western world over issues regarding development of atomic energy in his nation. Rouhani has selected several men who served with the reform governments of Khatami and Rafsanjani. These men are technocrats who understand complexity of government and are not guided by ideology. They seek to solve problems, not get involved in complex ideological controversies with western leaders. Rouhani wants to focus on dealing with high inflation, and reducing unemployment by focusing on job development. To accomplish these goals it requires coming to an agreement with western powers.This means confronting the issue of an atomic bomb. Experts suspect that Rouhani will NOT solve economic problems that endanger the future of the Iranian nation.

It is expected that about 80% of his nominees will be approved and conservatives will reject about 20% to prove they will not be bullied. The US must support Rouhani.