Rudy G. Mocks Himself As He Mocks Hillary For Socialist Ideas

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani came out verbally swinging against Hillary Clinton’s proposal to give every newborn American child a $5000 bond that could be used for education. He claimed the idea was “socialist” in nature and would cost $20 billion. He argued the cost of the plan would hurt all Americans. “And, you know who it comes out of– yours, mine, hardworking Americans, hard earned dollars. Twenty billion dollars. And we’re going to have to add to that the cost of the large bureaucracy that’s going to have to print up the bonds, right with Hillary’s picture on them.”

I’m glad Rudy G. is concerned about the American tax payer. He reiterated his support for Bush’s tax cuts which cost over $1 trillion (not twenty billion, but $1 trillion) and resulted in the average American receiving the grand total of about $300 while wealthy people received millions. Warren Buffet, a billionaire, complained that the tax cut benefited him while his secretaries got next to nothing. I’m certain Billy Gates would be more than willing to trade in $10,000 for his two children for the Bush tax cut which got him millions. It would help if Rudy G. actually read some history. “Socialism” refers to government ownership of the means of production. How can it be “socialism” to give each American child a $5000 bond which they can use in deciding their education? The more Rudy G. speaks , the more it becomes apparent this is a one note man–9/11 over and over again. By the way, Rudy G. gets at least $100,000 a speech for uttering platitudes about his heroics, if he wants to term that “hard work,” so be it. Of course, while doing this “hard work,” Rudy G. insists on traveling in a private jet, having an entire floor of a hotel for his staff and himself, and even deciding who eats at his table. Perhaps, Mr. Giuliani can tell the rest of us how to get such “hard work.” Maybe I can get one of those bureaucratic jobs printing up the bonds. Today, I received four commercial prints outs advertising products — I wonder if those corporations hire an army of bureaucrats to print them up?