Rudy: He’s At It Again– Spouting Lies

Rudy G. is at it again. As mayor of New York he backed the idea of strict gun control, but today he told a southern audience that he only did that because,”I had a city (where) crime was way out of control. It was destroying the very fabric of our society.”

Sorry, Rudy, but the facts don’t support your argument. Crime had already begun its decline under Mayor Dinkins because crime was declining throughout America during the 1990s. Historically, crime rates decline when the number of people in the age bracket 18-25 is lower. Second, when you took office as mayor, New York was not the most crime prone city, that honor went to cities like Detroit or St. Louis. Heck today, even without your presence, New York City ranks behind Boise, Idaho in terms of crime. You created a myth and built your career fostering the myth of a city “out of control.” I challenge any Giuliani supporter to provide concrete evidence that New York City led the nation in crime when he took over.

Giuliani supporters must face the fact — this man will say anything to build up his reputation or to get votes.