Rudy ‘Hypocrite’ Giuliani Cries For Privacy

Former mayor Rudy Giuliani was famous for his boasts of being tough on those involved in criminal actions. A favorite expression was, “if you do the crime, then serve the time.” In the case of Patrick Dorismond, a security guard who was killed by an undercover cop, Giuliani attempted to protect the policeman by claiming the man shot was a criminal. “People have a right to know the background”of a person involved in a criminal situation. He then opened the juvenile record of Dorismond claiming it revealed the man at age 13 had been arrested for armed robbery and assault, adding, “he’s no altar boy.” Actually, it involved a fight between two thirteen year old boys over a quarter. Charges were dropped. Oh, Dorismond was an altar boy in a Brooklyn church. Fast forward to the year 2010 and a twenty year old person is arrested for shop lifting. It turns out the young person goes by the name of Giuliani. The former mayor told the media: “it’s a private matter and it’s going to stay that way.”

It would be ridiculous to send a twenty year old to jail for shoplifting, whether the name was Giuliani or Rodriguez or Goldberg, or Boyle. Sorry, Rudy, sending people to jail to “do the time” hurts humans and is wasteful.

Oh, by the way, Rudy’s dad was jailed for armed robbery and paroled, an action Rudy argued only increased crime. I wonder if Fox News will attack Rudy for hypocrisy?