Rudy–We Can’t Live Without You!

There is good news for all Americans. The man who single handedly wiped out squeegee men who try to wipe window shields has announced that he might venture once again into the presidential ring. Rudy Giuliani, who won the war against terrorism in 2001 by walking the streets of New York City along with fifty policemen is not afraid of anyone or anything. This is one brave guy. Heck, he is so brave that he will accept $50,000 from any organization and reward them with two hours of hot air and not feel a moment of awkwardness. Rudy is a man for all seasons. Running for mayor of New York City meant he was for defending the rights of immigrants–legal or illegal. Running for the Republican nomination in 2008 made him the toughest opponent of rights for illegal immigrants. Running for mayor of New York City he was for gay rights, running for the Republican nomination compelled him to be reflective on gay rights and recognize that opponents had sound reasons, one of them being they would decide if he got the nomination.

Rudy told the media that he just might “take a look at 2012.” Frankly, I do not know how this country got along without him in charge. Rudy is one tough hombre, just ask those trying to sell trinkets on Broadway. I recognize some believe he is a bull shit artist, but, pay him $50,000 and he will be on any side of any controversy. His patriotism is spelled –M O N E Y.