Rule Of Law Threatened In Russia

newly elected President Dimitry Medvedev made clear in his opening remarks to the Russian people his intention to ensure the rule of law was the norm in his country. A senior federal judge testified in court that a Krelin official threatened to derail her careeer if she did not reverse a ruling handed down against the Federal property Fund. Yelena Valyavina, of the Supreme Arbitration Court, said Valery Boyev, an adviser on personnel appointments in the presidential administration, said she would not be returned to her post if she refused to change her position. “I was told unambiguously(by Boyev) that if I wanted to be re-elected (to my position), I’d face problems.” She also told a radio broadcast there were “no independent courts in Russia” but there were “courts dependent on Boyev.”

This is but one of many such incidents in which the Putin administration has used courts in order to carry out its agenda of securing complete control over all aspects of the government in order to ensure obedience to those in charge. Hopefully, Medvedev will change this attitude and help Russia become a nation in which an independent judiciary is the norm.