Rules Of Putin Russia Forbid Negatives

If one desires to work in the land of Putin, ordinarily known  by the name of Russia, one must abide by the rules of proper behavior. Maxim Kovalsky, editor of Kommersant Vlast, had his reporters engage in investigative journalism regarding what passed for an “election” in Putin Russia. They uncovered evidence of ballot stuffing and even showed examples of what discouraged voters placed on their ballots. One wrote, “Putin, go fuck yourself.” Of course, the reporters should have known reporting what people say that contains negative remarks concerning our beloved president is simply not kosher.  The editor was fired.

Billionaire owner, Alisher Usmanov, was furious at this display of “petty hooliganism.” Of course, the reporters did not express this view about Vladmir Putin, it was stated by a voter and the story dealt with voters.  Mr. Kovalsky defended reporters, “I do not regret that that the magazine’s latest issue was as it was.” Sorry, sir, but the latest issue did not accord with proper rules of Russia. The Emperor is never wrong!