Rumors Of Hamas Pro Israel Collaborators!

Hamas has strengthened security and arrested several members of the Islamic militant group following the arrest of several people who are believed to have been engaged in discussions with Israelis as well as with Arab and western intelligence agencies. These men were supposedly involved in a plot to assassinate senior Hamas leaders in the Gaza strip, including Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Several key Hamas leaders, including Sami Bu Zuhri, a prominent spokesperson, were summoned for questioning about their ties with Israel and other nations. Zuhri denies he was questioned and claims the rumors are being spread by Fatah supporters of President Abbas. The Israel Defense Force recently killed two top Hamas leaders who played an important role in firing rockets and rumors suggest their deaths may have been due to information provided the IDF by Hamas sources.

Hamas officials have reportedly expressed the view their organization has been infiltrated by Israeli intelligence which is now receiving information about rocket launches against Israel. Hamas, like most terror based organizations, runs the risk that some people grow tired of fighting and simply want some peace and quiet and a sense of normality. Hamas can break the present stalemate with Israel by throwing out a challenge — we will halt all rocket attacks and we expect all Israel military actions to cease against the Gaza Strip.