Rumors Of President Musharraf Assuming Power

Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, leader of the opposition in the Pakistan Parliament warned the nation that President Musharraf might invoke Article 58(2b) to dismiss parliament if law and order and the economic situation did not begin to show signs of improvement. He charged the governing Pakistan People’s Party had not been able to tackle serious economic problems the country was facing which might require action on the part of President Musharraf to assume unilateral power in the nation. It appears Elahi is warning the PPP that President Musharraf could claim he was acting in the “interests of the Pakistan people” by dismissing parliament and assuming dictatorial power.

Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani told the press his government recognized the growing economic problems besetting the nation and was attempting to take decisive actions to deal with poverty. He said the two major issues confronting Pakistan are economic stagnation and law and order. His government is currently using negotiations with the Talban in tribal areas to reduce violence but if that strategy fails, it would assume a different track which most probably entails more extensive military action. The prime minister made clear that President Musharraf did not have power to dissolve parliament.

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  • syed khalid mateen

    Dear sir

    i pray to allah that you will remain be president of pakistan and the mistakes if u relaizedthat u have commited in past you will consider, and put frest burst of throttle for this nation we need you as a leader of the nation ,becacuse present element of the government seems to be not sincere they carry bad reputation and defineatily they might damage countary like any thing and i am 100% sure time will prove that u are going to remain be president and save this countary( inshallah) khalid mateen)