Rumsfeld Blames Iraqi Politicians and Turkey for Iraq Problems

In an interview appearing in the October GQ magazine, former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld casts blame for the current situation in Iraq on Iraqi politicians. He pointed to the success in Afghanistan where “28 million people are free” and live in a stable society where democracy rules the land. I suspect Mr. Rumsfeld somehow must have gotten Afghanistan confused with some other place since all reports indicate at least 20% of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Taliban– the group he refused to destroy because we had to get to Iraq.

Rumsfeld believes Iraqi politicians are responsible for the current chaos in Iraq, but he blamed a major reason for insurgents being present was failure of Turkey to allow American troops to enter Iraq from their nation. This is an interesting perspective, but somewhat confusing. The war began in 2003 and it is now 2007, what does Turkey have to do with anything involving insurgents entering Iraq?

He was asked about any regrets and replied: “Well, sure. I mean you always wish things were perfect, but they never are.” I suspect Americans would settle for something much less than “perfect” in Iraq. Rumsfeld also complained that few Americans realize President Bush “is a lot more intelligent and curious than people give him credit for.” I guess Americans would like to know exactly how this curiosity is reflected in dealing with Iraq — he refused to listen to Colin Powell or Generals seeking more troops.