Rupert May Face Legal Disaster!

Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News empire so enjoys discovering evidence of misconduct on the part of the Obama administration since he poses as the man who stands for law and order. Scotland Yard is now conducting an investigation into the Murdoch News International over its activities in hacking and bribing people to remain silent about illegal activities on the part of Murdoch organizations. The Metropolitan police have opened “an active investigation” of the news group now known as NewsUK. If this Murdoch organization is found guilty of breaking the law it opens the possibility that American authorities will seek to penalize Murdoch enterprises in the US. UK authorities have been talking with lawyers and business executives in the Murdoch world and they already are giving warning these studies might lead to charges of crimes. Supposedly, top level Murdoch executives are in a panic since they could wind up with jail time.There already is fear the consequence would be the end of Murdoch American companies and loss of thousands of jobs.

Rupert Murdoch wants investigations of the Obama administration in order to uncover those who engaged in criminal activities. After all,Fox News wants to know who killed Americans in the Benghazi attack. OK, I would like to know who in the Murdoch world sanctioned breaking the law. What did Rupert Murdoch know, when did he know about it, and was he guilty of sanctioning criminal actions. I am not charging him with Criminal behavior, I just want the truth as he wants the truth about the Benghazi attacks. Just asking.