Rupert Murdoch And Politics Of Fear

The latest figure in the News of the World scandal to become dead meat is Sean Hoare, one of the men involved in hacking phones. He was found dead in his home. Rupert Murdoch will be confronting Parliament and forced to answer some nasty questions. Perhaps the real question is whether this arrogant source of lies and deception should be punished with jail. He came to America, gained control of media outlets and organized a program of smears and hate that have poisoned out sources of news. Murdoch’s empire cheered on the invasion of Iraq, they offered arguments why torture was OK, they even claimed a Democratic senator who lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam was a traitor and supporter of terrorism. The Murdoch crowd will never halt at the water’s edge of lies, they jump in fully clothed and continue the mission of destroying names and reputations. Labor leader, Ed Miliband in England, is now calling for the Murdoch empire to be broken up in order to halt this monopoly of fear and smear to continue. MP Nick Clegg noted: “In no other industry, in no other area of life, do you have people acting as judge and jury.”

It is time for the United States Justice Department to institute an investigation into the Murdoch empire in our nation. Two members of Scotland Yard have resigned, how many American members of Congress or the police were paid off by Murdoch thugs?