Rupert Murdoch Confused?

The story told by Rupert Murdoch and sons is a tale about a rogue reporter who set about hacking into phones and doing all sorts of mischiefs much to the amazement of those in authority at News of the World. Rupert’s report to Parliament dealt with the proverbial bad apple in a bunch of good apples. Harbottle & Lewis, a law firm employed by Murdoch, is upset because his tale is not exactly what they told him. The firm is furious because Rupert told Parliament they had given a clean bill of health to News of the World.

Harbottle believes Mr. Murdoch may have been “confused or misinformed” when he told a Parliament committee it was hired to “find out what the hell was going on.” The firm termed that statement to be “inaccurate and misleading.” They never talked to any witnesses and spent a grand total of 46 hours examining this complex case. Perhaps, the problem is that Murdoch watches too much Fox News so he is accustomed to making outrageous statements without a shred of evidence.