Rupert Murdoch, The VICTIM!!

Rupert Murdoch has spent his life seeking to destroy the lives of those who oppose his political philosophy and his minions of hate are instructed to ignore any human compassion because liberals or Socialists only deserve to be made the objects of anger. Rupert and his son have appeared before a Parliamentary committee which is investigating phone hacking by the Murdoch “News of the World.” After a few decades of smearing the lives of people, the News of the World is no more because Rupert now thinks he made a mistake in having such a publication.

As to claims that he is behind phone hacking, Mr. Murdoch wants the world to know that he is a VICTIM, not  a culprit. “I think the senior executives were all…misinformed and shielded from anything that was going on there(phone hacking).” In other words the man who claims to be in charge of all Murdoch enterprises now claims he had no knowledge of what went on in his empire of hate and smear.

Gee, I wonder if Rupert would defend Barack Obama from not knowing what was going on in any problem situation.