Rupert Stands Behind Whatever Reporters Do!

Rupert Murdoch is  a very wealthy man who has a very wealthy group of reporters and media folk who believe they have the right to get into the lives of anyone, living or dead. He recently appeared at headquarters of the Sun newspaper to announce his support of reporters, several of whom are being charged with bribery of public officials. The Boss announced “unwavering support” for those facing charges.

According to the Boss man, everyone is “innocent unless proved otherwise.” He regards charges as simply liberals attempting to silence the voice of conservatives. Rupert is upset that other media folk assume  his men and women are guilty. Of course, when Fox News charged future president Barack Obama of not  being an American citizen and claimed he was a secret Muslim, it was simply freedom of the press to lie.

As I recall, Rupert, Obama produced evidence he was born in America, but that did not satisfy your lying  group at Fox News. They continued their smear campaign. In reality, Rupert believes those who work for him are innocent and those making charges are the guilty ones!