Rupert The King

Rupert Murdoch was not born in the United States of America but began his career of using the media to push his politics and reign of  disregard for authority that dares to challenge him in that far away land of Australia. He first went to England where he built a media empire and then decided to grace our fair land of America with Fox News and their hatred of human rights. For Rupert, the only important group in society are those like himself who possess money and power. His English newspapers were charged with violating the law and abusing human rights when evidence emerged that his reporters bribed policemen in order to get stories. His reporters hacked into emails and phones of citizens and used that material for blaring headlines.

Rupert appeared before Parliament several months ago and assured the MPs that he never “knew of payments made by Sun staff to police before News Corporation disclosed that to UK authorities.” A new recording has emerged which he made in March to a meeting of his staff. He says in this tape that the culture of paying police officers for stories “existed at every newspaper in Fleet Street…it was part of the culture of Fleet Street.”

Parliament will invite this American citizen to explain why he lied to this branch of government.