Rush Involved In Calorie Wars

The United States has about 17 million people without jobs, it has a national debt created by the Republican party that is over $13 Trillion but Republicans want the American people to focus on the real problems facing their society–Michelle Obama’s crusade to cut down on fat folk! Rotund, oh, let us put it more accurately, FAT Rush Limbaugh is now on a crusade against Michelle Obama who he claims is an eating hypocrite because she had ribs for dinner one night! “It doesn’t look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutrition diet advice” and furthermore he noted, she is not the type of woman “you might see on the cover of Sports Illustrated.” You have to admit, Rush tells it like it is. And, furthermore, we must admit when it comes to discussing eating habits of fat people, who better can discuss it than the fat little man on the microphone?

A host of other conservatives, having nothing other to complain about today, chimed in with anger at Michelle having ribs. Rush claimed the First Lady ate a meal that was at least 1500 calories which goes to show when Democrats talk about cutting the fat out of the budget, they mean your fat, not our fat.

Oh, the chef where she ate said the meal was about 600 calories. Rush continually rushes to judgment about his idiocy, but he does have that right since he is America’s fat slob of the year.