Among the mysteries of my life is how or why a pudgy minded little man has been able to gain popularity for spewing lies and hate. Following is a list of what I think about Rush Limbaugh.

1. He never met a fact he could not misunderstand.

2. His attack on Ted Kennedy’s death is definite proof he is the Devil’s best friend.

3. He has medical insurance and wants to ensure the poor do not have what he has.

4. Rush is the greatest ally of terrorism in the world. If he did not exist, Osama bin Laden would have to invent a Rush Limbaugh.

5. He is the proverbial schoolyard bully.

6. Rush is acting out his anger at being teased for being the little over-weight kid.

7. He has single handedly transformed the GOP into the Grand Order of Putzes.

8. Rush is to truth as Barry Bonds is to denying the use of steroids.

9. Doubt is a stranger who has never knocked on his door.

10. He prances the stage of life spewing hate and songs of anger at those who cannot defend themselves.