Rush Limbaugh-Listen To Admiral Mullen!

For years right wing conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs have ranted on about “liberals” who besmirched the name of America with their complaints concerning mistreatment of prisoners. Admiral Mike Mullen, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently commented: “that’s why images of prisoner mistreatment at Abu Ghraib still serve as recruiting tools for al-Qaida.” He insisted the only way to win in Afghanistan was to capture the hearts of its people, a goal that liberals have been urging for years and have been ignored by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the right wing conservative media. “We can send more troops. We can kill or capture all the Taliban and al-Qaida leaders we can find–and we should. We can clear out havens and shut down the narcotics trade. But, until we prove capable, with the help of our allies and Afghan partners, of safeguarding the population, we will never know a peaceful prosperous Afghanistan.”

There is no doubt this soft headed liberal who is in charge of America’s military forces would never succeed on the 24 show because he doesn’t think torturing or killing will solve anything. As Mullen put it in his own liberal point of view, “lose the people’s trust, and we lose the war.” Are you listening Rush and Lou?