Rush Limbaugh — The Fat Man Has Sung!

The Fat Man of Republican politics has entered onto center stage and given another of his performances of ignorance. At a time when Americans are hurting and seeking answers to the economic disaster which has over taken them, along comes the pudgy man shouting and wiggling his body in a demonstration of ignorance and hate. Republican leaders rush off stage fearing to say or do anything that would upset the man from Missouri whose only claim to fame is an ability to ramble and shout hate for those who seek to think about issues. How to solve the economic disaster– his response is to cut taxes. Eight million are now without work and the best way to get them a decent job according to Rush Limbaugh is reducing taxes! The American society wants its leaders to work together but to the man from southern Missouri, the solution is to preach divisiveness and pray for the death of Barack Obama.

Democrats are counter attacking the winds of ignorance he blows by mocking and deriding the little man whose tiny ideas and ranting attract attention from the idiots who somehow believe listening to his tirades will lead to the emergence of a single intelligent idea. Rush reflects a world of the past in which spewing hate and derision of others was the solution to problems. He sometimes makes one feel as though a clown was performing in hope of bringing joy to the audience, but when the clownish antics of the round little man are seen, one can only shake a head in wonderment why 14 million people actually want to see this act of incompetence.

Democrats are pouncing on him because they want to emphasize to the American public that Republicans have lost their way and have no solutions to offer. The pompous pretentious putrid player on the stage of politics should be allowed to hog center stage and perform several times a day and night. His antics are the politics of the past and his ideas reflect those who seek to return to a time that never existed except in the mind of this rolly polly little creature of the swamps of hate.

Rant on and on and on my little man from Missouri. Your performance will be loved by the neo-Nazis groups which inhabit the forests of southern Missouri. The rest of us prefer the world of reality.