Rush Rushes To Judgment

Rush Limbaugh apparently has a fixation on Sandra Fluke of Georgetown University who has been fighting to protect the right of women to gain access to contraceptives. She recently sent a tweet that concerned the plan raise in student loans which will occur unless Congress acts. Rush charged she was working with President Obama to “scare students about the interest rates on their loans.” For the first time, Rush is right. Yes, the president and millions of others are concerned that student loan interest rates will rise.

Rush does not give a damn about students seeking loans because “some people want their education paid by some other people.” Again, Rush is right. As a veteran of the Korean War the US government  paid for my college education and it also paid WWII veterans. I guess we were moochers for enlisting to defend our nation. As I recall, chubby little Rush got deferments during the Vietnam war along with his pal, Dick Cheney who explained that he had “better things to do” than risking his life in Vietnam.

I do not understand the hysterical anger by Rush against contraception.  Rush has been married several times and does not have children. Either he is impotent or he uses contraception.