Rush Should Be In Rush

Rush Limbaugh has spent a few decades offering the American people his version as to who or what is needed in this nation. According to Rush, we suffer from having a president who “hates America” and seeks  to deprive our people of their God given right to possess a weapon of mass destruction. Latest figures indicate that his rating on WABC  is declining along with station revenues. According to Rush, it has nothing to do with his mellow voice and everything to do with ineffective sales personnel. OK, his insults of young ladies led several prominent companies to seek another voice for their products, but Rush always has the NRA to protect his rather large butt.

Rush Limbaugh is not THE problem, he is the Symbol of what infects the American spirit. We have too  many people spouting hate and anger, we have too many people believing that guns are the solution rather than the president. Once upon a time in this nation, political leaders competed against one another, but no one denied their love of nation. Today, hate reigns and Rush is the epitome of that anger.