Rush To Judgment In Iraq Was Planned

During March, 2003, the President of the United States and his British allies insisted there had to be an immediate invasion of Iraq in order to rid that nation of its WMD. The frenzied atmosphere brooked no attempt to delay what was posed as a vital immediate need. However, recently revealed information indicate that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had decided year previously that it was impossible to halt George Bush in the invasion of Iraq. There was never any immediate need for war. Sir Christopher Meyer, who was the UK ambassador to the US, told a committee the Blair government never gave UN inspectors time to complete their investigation which would have revealed there were no WMD. The message at 10 Downing Street was the 9/11 attack meant provide complete support to whatever crazy idea George Bush wanted to pursue in dealing with “terrorism.”

Meyer revealed there was no one in the British government who was interested in working with UN inspectors or exploring any alternative policy other than supporting Bush’s ideas about invasion. Tony Blair failed to uphold his responsibilities as prime minister to pursue the path for peace and allowed his soldiers to die in a war that need not have been fought.