Russia And China Denounce US Missile Shield

The decision of President George Bush to place missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic continued to arouse the anger of Russia. Newly elected President Dimitry Medvedev joined with President Hu Jintao in a statement sayng the missile shield was provocative and could only be interpreted as hostile to the interests of their nations. The statement did not identify the United States by name, but said “creating a global mssile defense system including a deployment of such a system in several regions of the world” was harmful to stabiity and arms control between nations. A US State Department spokesperson, brushed off the statement with the comment it was really the same as previous complaints.

George Bush insists his aggressive foreign policy brings peace and security to the United States. It becomes increasingly clear of a growing friendship between China and Russia as both nationas respond to what they perceive to be hostile actions of America. Russia has now become the third largest trade partner of China.