Russia And US To Discuss Arms Control

American and Russian officials will meet in Geneva next month in order to discuss how to extend a treaty which expires next year that limits nuclear arsenals. The Bush aggressive foreign policy toward Russia has impaired relations with that nation and made difficult maintaining peaceful relations. The Russian government has begun to wonder if Bush and his loud mouth threatening associates want to build on work done by Bill Clinton or initiate a new
Cold War. There is need to make some revisions in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty(START) which sets limits on nuclear arsenals in both nations.

START requires both parties to meet no later than a year before the treaty expires. Washington shelved a deal on civil nuclear cooperation with Russia during the Georgia situation which was created by Georgia. It is now clear there will be no new deal as long as George Bush is in office. Of course, if Senator McCain wins the election, he can send Sarah Palin to the Russian city of Vladivostock since she has gazed across the Bering Straits and seen Russia which undoubtedly makes her an expert on US-Russian policy.