Russia Challenges Aliens

The people of Russia are blessed having Vladimir Putin as their beloved LEADER  since perils are on the horizon that can only be handled by a man of action who fears no evil -other than his own. The Russian Space Agency is working with a group in the Defense Ministry to plan for any alien invasion of threat from space objects. They are prepared to shift funds from unimportant issues such as road construction or education and focus on the greatest threat to Russia and humanity–the invasion of our planet by aliens. Is is thrilling to realize that if aliens arrive their initial  encounter with Earth  life would be Vladimir Putin. I can just see him grabbing an alien, throwing it over his back and issuing warnings of dire results to any life form that threatens his people.

Perhaps, the Earth can do the right thing and appoint Vladimir Putin as  our Leader-in-chief. Who would you prefer as the first human to meet aliens-Putin or the black dude from Africa who currently heads the USA?