Russia Fails Gaining China Support

President Medvedev of Russia is disappointed at his failure to obtain support from China for his nation’s actions in Georgia. He was expecting the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO), of which Russia is a member, would back up the invasion of Georgia. However, although China is not supportive of what Georgia’s actions, it has its own concerns about breakaway regions and will avoid supporting any effort to allow an area to secede from the mother country. The situation in Tibet and Xinjiang province where Muslim dissidents are fighting for autonomy makes the Chinese government hesitant to offer complete support to Russia which, in effect, aided a region to breakaway from its mother country. The other Asian nations in the SCO look more to China for leadership than to Russia and are quietly supporting that nation’s views on Georgia.

In a sense, Russia is now isolated from the world in its response to the Georgia invasion. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner is hinting at a plan for the EU to institute economic sanctions against Russia which elicited an angry response from Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, that such action would be “the product of a sick imagaintion.”

Perhaps, if Russia had halted at the border of South Ossetia the response to its actions might be less angry.