Russia Got Georgia On Its Mind

Vice President Joe Biden is in Georgia to renew ties with that nation even as Russia and Prime Minister Mikhail Saakashvilli were once again in a contest of words. The Russian government has made clear it will not tolerate other nations rebuilding the military forces of Georgia and is prepared to take “concrete steps” to prevent that from occurring. The Russian foreign ministry warned it would “sever military cooperation with any nation” that furnishes military assistance to Georgia. Biden told cheering crowds that “we, the United States, sand by you on your journey to a secure, free, democratic and once again united Georgia.” Although, the Obama administration has emphasized it will not sell out allies, there is always reality and the need to work with Russia on broader issues related to peace.

Barack Obama claims Russian President Medvedev has promised to withdraw his troops in Georgia to pre-conflict areas. The issue of the origin of the Georgia-Russian conflict are still unclear and there is some evidence Georgia initiated the conflict. Prudence suggests offering words, but not guns to the government of Saakashvilli.