Russia Is Corrupt Say Russians–So, What’s New?

Dimitry Medvedev on winning his election to the presidency of Russia earlier this year made it clear to one and all that fighting corruption was among his highest priorities. A recent survey this month reveals most Russians have not witnessed any improvement in their nation’s perennial corruption, whether under the name of the Tsar, the Soviet Union or modern Russia. According to state pollster VTsIOM, seventy four percent of respondents said corruption in their nation was “high” or “very high” while nineteen percent said it was the normal “average” corruption and an unusual large percent of ONE PERCENT said it was “low.” According to the poll 75% or Russians have not seen any sign of improvement in the corruption issue.

Indem, a Moscow based think tank that tracks corruption believes Russians pay about $319 Billion annually in bribes. That comes out to $2,250 for each Russian. Perhaps, the nation needs to unleash tough talking Prime Minister Putin to give one of his blunt demands for obeying the law.