Russia Is Not Green!!

The Putin  government(sometimes referred to as the Russian one) made clear to one and all the color green is forbidden in their red land.  As Nicolai Komosomolskaya told the media, “in today’s Russia there are no preconditions for possible ‘color’ revolutions and we are certain that we will not allow the realization of such scenarios in our country.” For many years the color Red was the only one allowed in this fair land. Today, the only color allowed is, white. This color symbolizes surrender by the Russian people of their freedom to a man raised under the Red banner of communism.

It is very easy to avoid a green color in your land. Lock up anyone who dares to display a green shirt or have them take a long ride in a car from which there is no return. Of course, white Siberia is bound to encourage folk to throw away any green clothes. They do not blend in with snow.