Russia May Arm Arab Nations

One of the most common myths of Jewish supporters of George Bush is that his policies have somehow enhanced the safety of the Israel nation. Bush encouraged Israel to send military supplies to Georgia as part of his program of isolating Russia. Syrian President Bashar Assad recently concluded a visit to Russia which may set the stage for increased Russian military assistance not merely to Syria but to other Arab nations. Russia is furious at military aid provided by Israel to Georgia as well as that sent by the United States. Prime Minister Olmert warned Lebanon if it became a stronghold of armed resistance to Israel, his nation was prepared to take military action.

The full effects of the destabilizing consequences of Georgia invading South Ossetia have yet to play out their full potential. If Russia assumes a pro-active stance of supplying Hamas or Hizbullah, the entire Middle East will witness an Israel strike against militant groups which will further escalate violence in the region.