Russia Moves To Normalize Conditions In Georgia

European Union monitors in Georgia confirm that Russian troops are in the process of dismantling checkpoints as promised in their agreement with President Sarkozy several weeks ago. The deadline for completing the operation is Friday and all signs point to accomplishing that goal. The Russian effort is proceeding despite a car bombing in South Ossetia which resulted in the death of seven Russian soldiers. South Ossetia’s separatist leader, Eduard Kokoity. termed the explosion a “terrorist act” and blamed Georgian agents for carrying it out. However, a spokesman for the European Union confirmed all check points are being taken down and there is no evidence of Russia using the explosion as justification for remaining on
Georgian territory.

The American government has been denouncing Russia for its response to a Georgian invasion of South Ossetia by claiming Russia wants to destroy the government of Georgia. It is doubtful if George Bush or John McCain will say anything about Russia dismantling checkpoints and leaving Georgia because reality does not fit into their fantasy of what happened in South Ossetia a few months ago.