Russia Protects Human Rights!

It is clear there are those in the United States and Europe who seek to prevent the emergence of democracy in what used to be called, the Ukraine nation. The Russian Foreign Ministry is really, and I mean, Really concerned about actions of Ukrainians that take away the rights of people. For example, Russian citizens approached the border of Ukraine and were not allowed to enter! Just imagine, there are countries in the world that prevent citizens from Russia to enter their nation? I guess next thing we will hear about concerns Mexicans complaining they are not allowed to enter the United States of America!!

Russia’s Foreign Ministry understands what is happening in the Ukraine. Lawlessness “now rules in eastern regions of Ukraine as result of the actions of fighters of the so-called Right School” which has been taking away rights of decent, hones Ukranians, “with the full connivance of the authorities” of Ukraine.

I guess this means Vladimir Putin, once again must defend the rights of those oppressed. He, already, prevents homosexuals from violating the rights of decent people. He prevents perverts from singing songs that others do not like. Thank God for Vladimir, the patron saint of human rights!