Russia Rethinks Hostility Towards Georgia

President Medvedev has begun reconsidering his nation’s attitude toward Georgia. The Russian stock market was seriously impacted by recent events in Georgia which resulted in armed clashes between Russian and Georgian forces. Medvedev said his nation would do all in its power to restore friendly relations and pointed out over a million Georgians presently live in Russia. “We will do everything possible to restore friendly relations.” He accused NATO and the United States of attempting to create tension between his nation and Georgia. “What did NATO ensure? It only provoked the conflict, nothing else.” Medvedev is dealing with the reality of modern global economics which make it virtually impossible for a single industralized nation to stand apart from the world.

The president of Russia let the world know “there is no use returning to the past. We have made our choice” and it is toward restoring relations and working with other nations on the path to peace. Now, if one could only convince President Bush, working for peace ensures better results than fostering war.