Russia Ruled By Putinkleptoboss

There are nations in which one must work hard, be creative and use brain power in order to succeed. Then, there is Mother Keptocracy Russia which is ruled by a man named Vladmir Putin, formerly of the KGB and now boss man to all crooks, and corrupt officials. Wikileaks, once again, reveal what anyone familiar with a situation knows-Russia is not among the shining lights of an honest democracy. The leaked cables reveal Putin and his associates run a tight corrupt ship in which to get on board one pays and to remain on board one pays and pays. An estimated $300 billion a year goes into the hands of corrupt police, government officials and members of the government. Russia is a nation in which criminals are PROTECTED by the police and in which those who oppose Putin and his gang of thieves will either wind up dead or in prison on some trumped up charge. One American diplomat referred to Putin and Batman and President Medvedev as his Robin. Putin was so furious at this comment that he refused to carry through on a TV interview. He warned America to quit poking into HIS nation, or else. We can only assume he is ready to get his mafia gangs to switch operating from Russia and wander into America in search of new careers. And, who knows, they might knock off anyone who sent on of those cables.

Putin is nothing other than a less obvious Joseph Stalin. In fairness to Putin, he does not have gulags, he simply places opponents in jails. Of course he will never murder as much as Stalin, but he far surpasses Stalin when it comes to crime and corruption.