Russia Seeks Security Pact

President Dimitry Medvedev blasted America’s attempt to impose its ideas on the world which has led to confusion, violence and undermining global security. “A desire by the United States to consolidate its global domination led to it missing a historical chance…to build a truly democratic world order.” Not only has this failure necessitated a need for new approaches to world security, but the economic collapse in America is impacting the economies and lives of people throughout the world. Medvedev called to a new security pact which would ban the use of force or the threat of violence by any nation. He was willing to include Russia as part of any new security pact to guarantee peace.

He pointed out that after 9/11 Russia stood poised to work with the United States to fight world terrorism but Bush policies such as the invasion of Iraq made such efforts impossible to achieve. Medvedev said it was time for an end to American “egotism” to end, whether it be in regard to military action or economic health.