Russia Sends In The Red Cross?

News from Ukraine clearly indicates that forces of the Kiev government are gradually wending their way through eastern regions of the country. Separatists are slowly realizing that most eastern Ukrainians do NOT want to secede and become part of Mother Russia. The so called Donetsk People’s Republic is turning out to be a collection of young men bent on proving their manhood by scaring policemen and intimidating public officials. But, when it comes to confronting men armed with weapons, the chants of “Mother Russia” are replaced with “Mother, please don’t let them kill me!”

The Russian government has arranged with the Red Cross to send in a “humanitarian” convoy whose task is to offer bread and meat to hungry folk instead of words of threat and missiles fired in the air. Putin spokesperson, Dimitry Peskov made clear “it is being sent under the aegis of the Red Cross with the consent of the Kiev government.” My question: Was everything cleared with Vladimir?? I thought he would ride on top of a tank and lead a convoy of destruction. Wonder what happened?