Russia Sinks Gradually Into A Repressive Regime

The collapse of the Soviet Union was welcomed with hope by the Russian people that a new era of democracy was dawning. As the old Soviet Union disintegrated, republics were established that soon became transformed into fiefdoms by local tyrants. Ingush opposition leaders are charging President Murat Zyazikov of ordering the abduction of at least ten of their leaders this month who have been subjected to torture. Magomed Khamkhoyev, a leading dissident said he was kidnapped right out of his automobile and taken to a secret place where he was tortured. Somehow, he escaped from his torturers and is now in critical condition in a Moscow hospital.

These stories of abduction, beatings and threats continue to crop up in Russia. It appears there is reluctance on the part of Russian authorities to clamp down on the brutal behavior of such terrorists. A bulk of the terrorists who took children hostage in North Ossetia in 2004 were ethnic Ingush and this abduction might possibly be a retaliation against an individual who was of Ingush background.

Isn’t it time for the rule of law to pervade in Russia?