Russia Slammed On Human Rights Abuses

Russia is a democratic nation, at least, that is the claim of its President Medvedev who has spoken continually about the need to ensure that rights of citizens were not abused. There is no question he has a paper trail which documents his STATEMENTS concerning the importance of respecting human rights. Unfortunately, according to Amnesty International, “we saw steps like President Medvdev speaking to civil society on the other hand, we also saw (Chechen human rights activist Natalya) Estemirova abducted from the street in broad daylight and killed. This clearly shows things are not right” in the state of Russia. Nicola Duckworth believes there is abundant evidence “the(Russian) legal system seems utterly ineffective in prosecuting those who are responsible for attacks on human rights activists, journalists, and lawyers.” I believe Amnesty International is confused concerning the meaning of human rights in Putin, Russia. The record clearly shows that human rights ARE being respected. Those who kill individuals making nasty remarks about the government are liquidated by individuals who uphold the human right of the Russian government to always be correct.

If Ms. Duckworth doubts the human rights of killers is upheld in Putin, Russia, just go to Moscow and make some insulting remarks about our Great Leader.