Russia Supports Assad-Completely

Two years have passed, over 70,000 innocent people in Syria have been murdered by their own government, and Russia continues to insist the only solution is to retain the man who directed the murders if one seeks to end murder and mayhem. Russian DeputyForeign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov “expressed unfailing support”support for a UN mission to restore peace to the people of Syria, but made clear this must entail retention of Bashar al-Assad as president. He did call for something termed “a political transition process” which most probably would result in disarming rebel forces, and allowing Syrian troops to once again have complete control of the country.

Vladimir Putin is ruler of Russia, he has either had murdered opponents or sent many to prison. He just does not  like  people who do not agree with his ideas. That includes the  people of Syria. If Putin had his way, Assad would resign and appoint a Russian to restore peace and prosperity to the people of Syria!